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March 30, 2020

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter
Monday, Mar. 30th, 2020

Principal’s Message
I’m guessing that I’m not the only one that felt like last week was about three weeks long. Sometimes these quarantine days just seem to crawl by. At times though, it seems like time speeds up as announcements come out about how more people and more cities are affected by the virus. Other times it feels like we’re just sitting and waiting and hoping and then waiting some more.

And I feel like it’s important to acknowledge the feelings we’re having about the quarantine because that’s the setting for our students as they try to learn. For the most part, they are handling all of this anxiety, waiting and uncertainty pretty well. I’m proud of our teachers, students, parents and guardians for doing such a good job during these difficult times. I hope your child is learning something meaningful and they’re remaining in touch with teachers and their classmates. The conversations I’ve had with parents indicate that’s happening and our students are indeed making the best of this unique experience.

Our school building remains closed at this time but instruction is continuing online for many of our students. For those that picked up paper packets last week you’ll eventually need to drop by the campus and get some more school work. That will happen on Monday, April 6th beginning at 8 am. The process will be much the same as before except this time you’ll give us some completed work and we’ll be handing you a packet of new material. We’ll be here till 3:30 pm on Monday, April 6th exchanging school work.

As I write this, it’s March 30th and we’ve seen school plans change dramatically for the last month. Hopefully April will provide us all something more concrete about how and when the rest of this school year (and all of our lives) will return to “normal”. Whenever that return might be, I saw something on Twitter last week from Dave Hollis that made me think about some things so I thought I’d share it. He said……… “In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to”.

Thanks for taking a look at the Newsletter.
Greg Howard, Principal