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February 24, 2020

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter
Monday, Feb. 24th, 2020

Principal’s Message

Vaping. Cigarettes. Alcohol. TikTok. Instagram. Sexting. Depression.
Ugh….WOW! Welcome to Monday’s uplifting and positive Newsletter from Danforth.
Just thought I’d check in with you and see how you’re doing in the battle against the things that can ruin or, at the very least, control the lives of our young people. Unfortunately statistics show that very soon, if not already, some of our students will be faced with those listed above as well as a myriad of others. Thankfully most of our students are not currently participating in those activities. And thankfully our students have those of you reading this to help them through these challenges.

But if you need some help, remember that our message here in February is the same that it was back in August. We are in a partnership with you to make sure your child is successful and healthy. We have two fine counselors that are always available on this campus to help out. Lori Pharis (our campus counselor) and Amy Lyles (our district counselor) are happy to help students and families who are feeling that the challenges have become too numerous to manage. And of course we aren’t the only resource. There are many fine organizations in our community and beyond that are willing to help families.

Some of the challenges listed above didn’t exist when you and I were in Jr. High. Unfortunately 25 years from now there will still be a list. The question then will be the same as it is now. What do we do to help our students through this challenging time in their lives? We want to help you find the answers if you need some help.

Thanks for taking a look at the Newsletter.

Greg Howard, Principal

In the next few days
Tuesday, Feb. 25th
Pre-UIL Band Concert in Austin
Friday, Feb. 28th
Track at Blanco – events begin after school
Monday, March 2nd
8th Grade Parent Night at High School – 5 pm – 8th graders and their parents are encouraged to attend
Saturday, March 7th
STEAM Fair – 10 am – 2 pm – High School Bridges Gym – Presentations, exhibits and booths highlighting Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Arts, Mathematics and Mechanics

More detailed info about other Danforth activities
From Erin Sivils, Attendance Secretary
I realize many of you are in a hurry as you enter our office to bring your child to school or to check them out. I hope that in sharing the information below I’ll help make your time in our office more efficient. Many of you already know all these procedures and do such a great job. Thank you.
When you are signing a student in/out, please keep in mind the following things...

 A parent does not have to sign-in the student if the student is coming in with a medical/legal note or a
parent note. If they do not have a note, you must sign them in.
 You must always come in to sign a student out.
 Please fill in all sections of the sheet neatly, with the exception of time in/out. For example… if you are
signing them out, only put the time in the “time out” section and leave the “time in” section blank.
 Please put the student’s name in the “student name” section and not your name. Your signature will be
in another section.
 The Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires me to have a reason, so you must include a reason. If the
reason is private, you may put “personal” for the reason. I will have to code it as unexcused according
to TEA guidelines. If you feel the reason should be excused but is still private, you may ask for a
piece of paper and state the reason. Be sure to include the student’s name and date so I can match it to
the sign in/out sheet. The note can be placed in the wooden box on the counter which is checked
throughout the day. You can put “parent note” in the reason section to alert me that one is there.
 At times parents have to sign-out a student because a parent or sibling has an appointment and there is a
transportation issue. If other arrangements can’t be made, simply put “sibling or parent appt” for the
reason. This will keep me from requesting a doctor’s note later.
 When “appointment/appt” is written in the reason section, I will request a doctor/legal note. If it is a
personal appointment, simply put “personal appt” and I will not request a note. If a doctor/legal note
is not provided, I will assume that it is a personal appointment and change the code to unexcused.
 If you sign-out a student because they are sick/going out of town/etc., please follow up with additional
notes if that reason applies to the next day. The sign-out sheet only covers that day. When you know
they will not be here the following day, you may ask for a piece of paper and leave me a note in the
wooden box at that time.

Thank you for allowing me to clear up a few misunderstandings. My goal is always to make things easier on you and avoid additional emails that take up your time.

From Jeremy Mauk, Whitley Bone, Kari Winebrenner, Carol Sue Merkin – FCA Sponsors
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) meets in the Junior High gym every Friday at 7:15 am.
Please join us for games, fun, speakers, and donuts! Everyone is welcome!