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February 3, 2020

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter
Monday, Feb. 3rd, 2020

Principal’s Message
Orange Cones

I’ve got some orange cones that I put out in the morning during student drop-off to remind parents that the middle section of the parking lot is for teacher parking only and is not to be used as “pass through”. That serves two purposes. It lets teachers get parked and in the building but it also helps keep students safe who are walking across that area in the morning.

For those of us who are seasoned drivers, we’ve known for a long time that orange cones generally are a sign to “be cautious” as you drive through an area. That message is particularly important in a school parking lot. Our students are distracted at times as they walk through the parking lot and they can’t afford to encounter a driver who is also distracted (or is driving too fast). It’s a dangerous combination to have students and moving vehicles in the same area and we just want to make sure that it is as safe as possible during drop off and pick up each day. The good news is --- the overwhelming majority of those driving in our parking lot drive slowly and are courteous and patient both morning and afternoon.

Thank you for watching out for students EVERY DAY.

Busy week ahead, just take a look below.

Thanks for taking a look at our Newsletter.
Greg Howard, Principal

In the next few days
Wednesday, Feb. 5th
Academic Awards Ceremony – 8th grade participants – 8:55 am in the cafeteria
Thursday, Feb. 6th
Awards Ceremony – 7th grade participants – 8:55 am in the cafeteria
Basketball vs. Fredericksburg – 8B & 7A at 5 pm; 8A & 7B after early games
Girls at HOME; Boys at Fredericksburg
Friday, Feb. 7th
Awards Ceremony – 6th grade participants – 8:55 am in the cafeteria

More detailed info about other Danforth activities
From Chelsea Kelley, School Nurse Beginning in the spring of the 2019 school year, 7th grade students were presented the "CATCH My Breath" anti vaping program. It will continue to be offered this school year and next through our 7th grade and High School Health curriculum. To read about how the program is affecting students and making scientific news CLICK HERE.

From Karin Prado, High School Cheer Coach
8th graders interested in trying out for high school cheerleader need to pick up an application in the JH office. Parents must attend ONE MANDATORY MEETING either on Feb. 19th or Feb. 20th at the high school. All forms are due at the parent meeting. Tryout Clinic is March 9th – 12th and Tryouts are Friday, March 13th. For more info please contact or

From Teresa Gill, National Junior Honor Society Sponsor Fundraiser - Benefitting Dell Children’s Hospital
NJHS is hosting a boys vs. girls volleyball tournament on Feb. 21 at 4pm. All 8th graders are eligible to play and we encourage 6th and 7th graders to come watch the fun! The admission fee for a team is $20, and the maximum amount of players is 10. Please see Mrs. Royal for an entry form. Payment and forms are due February 12.
For those coming to watch the event, admission tickets are $5 for adults and $2 for students, payable at the door. Athletic cards for games will not be valid at this event because it is a fundraiser. Teachers are allowed to create their own teams for competition as well. Please join us in raising funds for Dell Children’s!

From Erin Sivils, Attendance Our district policy says... PROCEDURES TO FOLLOW WHEN ABSENT FROM SCHOOL Each and every day a student is absent from school, parents are required to contact the Attendance Office to report the student's absence.
Calling is a way to notify us; however, I must have something in writing to change the attendance codes. If you call, please follow up with an email or written note stating the dates and reason for the absence. Our district policy says that the note needs to be given to the office within 3 days of the absence. The Texas Education Agency will not allow me to change the attendance code after 5 days.
If you email instead of calling, it will notify us and give me something in writing to go ahead and change the attendance code. When you email first thing in the morning, I am often able to get the attendance code changed in time for you not to receive the automated phone calls and emails. If you know in advance that your child will be out, you may send the email before the date they will be absent and I will get it taken care of at the time of notification.
My email:
Attendance / Why Everyday Counts

From Stephanie Barthels, High School Volleyball Coach and Trip Organizer
Anyone interested in a trip to Yellowstone and Teton National Parks needs to attend our organizational meeting on Thursday, Feb. 13th at 6 pm at the High School.
Trip Price: $2,395, student price based on quad occupancy and minimum of 12 paying travelers
$100 discount if enroll by April 1, 2020 - price is $2,295
Double occupancy upgrade for adults only is an additional $370
Single occupancy upgrade for adults only is an additional $740
Dates: May 26-30, 2021 (We will also look at flights for May 27-31)

From Jeremy Mauk, Whitley Bone, Kari Winebrenner, Carol Sue Merkin – FCA Sponsors
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) meets in the Junior High gym every Friday at 7:15 am. Please join us for games, fun, speakers, and donuts! Everyone is welcome!