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January 7, 2020

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter
Tuesday, Jan. 7th, 2020
Principal’s Message

When we last left this building……..
We had just heard our Jr. High choir sound fantastic in their Christmas Concert……..TEXAN PRIDE!
The Jr. High band sounded equally great in their Christmas Concert………TEXAN PRIDE!
Our Jr. High boys and girls basketball teams were playing wonderful basketball each night…..TEXAN PRIDE!
The High School Football Team played in the STATE FINALS……….TEXAN PRIDE!
Most of our 6th, 7th and 8th graders were focused on high academic achievement…….TEXAN PRIDE!
Nearly every one of our students were kind and considerate with classmates………TEXAN PRIDE!
Our parents, grandparents and guardians were very helpful and supportive……….TEXAN PRIDE!
So ---- let’s get started with 2020 and this Spring Semester.
Can’t wait to see more…..TEXAN PRIDE!!

Greg Howard, Principal

In the next few days
Thursday, Jan. 9th
Boys Basketball at Salado – 8B & 7A at 5 pm; 8A & 7B after early games
Girls - Open
Saturday, Jan. 11th
Boys Basketball hosts their A Team Tournament all day here in Wimberley

More detailed info about other Danforth activities
From Erin Sivils – Attendance Secretary
One of the sections in the Texas Education Code that drives our attendance policies is Sec. 25.095. This section deals with truancy. As a district, we are required to send a letter to notify a parent when a student has been absent without an excuse three days (or parts of days) within a 4-week period. This is why one of our district attendance policies requires parents to send a written note explaining the absence within 3 days of the day of the absence. That is a requirement even if the absence will ultimately be unexcused. Absences that are unreported by parents, require me to send home attendance letters requesting information. Another reason it’s important to get us a note is that I am unable to chance an attendance code after 5 days. This is a requirement from the Texas Education Agency. Contact me at 512-847-2181 ext. 5264 if you have a question. My email address is

From Jeremy Mauk, Whitley Bone, Kari Winebrenner, Carol Sue Merkin – FCA Sponsors
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) meets in the Junior High gym every Friday at 7:15 am. Please join us for games, fun, speakers, and donuts! Everyone is welcome!