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December 9, 2019

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter

Principal’s Message
Last Thursday – Ella Malone (8th), London Champion (7th) and Chase Carson (8th) were honored at a ceremony by our VFW in the Patriot’s Pen competition. Nearly all of our 600 Danforth students wrote a paper for this competition and while Ella, London and Chase won the top three spots, there were many fine essays written by our student body as they wrote about “What Makes America Great”. Ella’s paper was so good it has advanced on to the state level of competition. Hopefully we’ll get word that her paper has qualified for the national level.

Last Friday – our high school football team (which is full of a lot of former Danforth students) played in the Alamodome against Navarro and defeated the Panthers 42-12 to advance on to the State Semi-finals. We saw great participation from a large crowd of supporters and great effort from a fine group of student athletes.

Last Saturday – our Jr. High One-Act Play competed in the District competition at Llano and placed third. They overcame several technical difficulties during the performance (that were not their fault) and still had an outstanding performance. Josh Bober (8th), Joey Morgenroth (7th), and Jonathon Davenport (7th) were named to the All-Star Cast. Best Cast was Caitlyn Smethers (7th) and finally, David Gary (6th), Paxton Rigby (6th), and Bella Fisher (7th) were named Honorable Mention. There was great effort from the entire cast and crew and they represented our school and our community so well.

So Saturday I’m driving back from Llano after the One-Act Play and I was reminded what a privilege it was to see the last three days of Wimberley student success. I know I’m not the only one that enjoys watching students excel and give such great effort. The good news is we’ll continue to have opportunities throughout the year to watch other talented students do amazing things for our school district. We don’t always win of course but our students do always give their best for each other, the school, and this community. And that’s something to see.

Greg Howard, Principal

In the next few days
Thursday, Dec. 12th
Basketball vs. Fredericksburg – 8B & 7A at 5 pm; 8A & 7B after early games
Boys at Home, Girls at Fredericksburg
Friday, Dec. 13th
Early release (Car riders at 2:30 pm) for the High School Football playoff game in Katy
Tuesday, Dec. 17th
Modified Daily Schedule – 7th period semester exam at 1:50 pm
Wednesday, Dec. 18th
Modified Daily Schedule
1st period semester exam – 8 am
2nd period semester exam – 9:30 am
3rd period semester exam – 12:25 pm
4th period semester exam – 1:55 pm
Thursday, Dec. 19th
Modified Daily Schedule – Early Release at 12 pm (pick up car riders at 12; buses run at 12:15)
Band Concert/Study Hall – 8 am
5th period semester exam – 9 am
6th period semester exam – 10:35 am