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October 28, 2019

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter
Principal’s Message

Help with the Teenage Years
The truth is none of us really ever have this teenage thing completely figured out. About the time we think we’ve got a good handle on it, something like Snapchat comes along and presents even more challenges for our young people, not to mention the challenge it is for us as parents, grandparents and teachers. Every day we’re all just working to provide our kids with the tools to be successful both now and in the future. And while we’re trying to provide a good firm foundation, sometimes it seems like social media and many other negative influences are there trying to tear down everything good that parents have worked to build. With those challenges in mind, Dr. Crystal Collier is in town today to speak to our Jr. High students about making the right choices when it comes to the things that can harm them physically or mentally. Dr. Collier comes to us highly recommended as she has spoken to thousands of school children throughout her career about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, vaping, or social media. She’ll meet with each of our grade levels during the school day and then she’ll be available for a parents only presentation this evening (Monday, Oct. 28th) at 6 pm in the Danforth Library. If you’d like to know more about Dr. Collier you can read about her at and of course you can join us this evening at 6 pm in the Jr. High library.

Hope to see you there.

Thanks for taking a look at our Newsletter.
Greg Howard, Principal

In the next few days
Monday, Oct. 28th
Parents only meeting with Dr. Crystal Collier – 6 pm – 7:30 pm at Danforth Jr. High library
Thursday, Oct 31st
Football vs. Llano – 7th game at home at 5 pm; 8th B at Llano at 5:45 pm followed by 8th A game

More detailed info about other Danforth activities
From Owen Baldwin – Transportation Director for WISD
If your child is not normally a bus rider and would like to ride home with a friend for the afternoon you must call the bus barn first to see if there is availability. Several of our buses are already at rider capacity and there may not be a seat available for another student. Please contact us at the bus barn at 512-847-2781.

From Meagan Williamson – Yearbook Sponsor
2019-2020 yearbooks are now on sale at $35 with free name stamping!
If you have questions please email me at:

From Jeremy Mauk, Whitley Bone, Kari Winebrenner, Carol Sue Merkin – FCA Sponsors
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) meets in the Junior High gym every Friday at 7:15 am. Please join us for games, fun, speakers, and donuts! Everyone is welcome!