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February 19, 2019 Newsletter

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Principal’s Message

Two-thirds of the school year is in the books and we’re on to the sprint to the finish.  From the perspective of this administrator, it seems like the year is going well for the majority of students.  They enjoy the positive atmosphere in and around this building.  Many students have enjoyed success in athletics, academics, art or music and we are certainly proud of them.  However, we’ve got about 600 students here and the goal of our staff is for ALL students to feel success and positive energy every day.  But success is an interesting word to define.  Does it mean your child comes and goes from this campus each day with a smile on their face and they are always happy and satisfied?  Does it mean they’ve never failed a class?  Does it mean they never had to sit by themselves at lunch?  The truth is that a variety of factors are important when considering whether or not the school climate is good for students.  Does your child feel supported by the staff and do they feel safe in and around this building?  When your child thinks about discipline do they think of us as “fair”?  What about student access to juuling, tobacco or alcohol?  Are we really keeping illegal stuff out of this building?  And of course bullying or harassment on a daily basis can wreck any school’s climate.  Those challenging issues are not the only issues that pop up in a typical Jr. High.  We battle those issues and others so we are NOT a typical Jr. High.  And while we try our best for excellence, we’re not perfect and sometimes we miss things.      


So why bring up all the negatives that could wreck school climate as we complete the fourth six weeks?  Glad you asked.  Because we’ve still got twelve weeks of school left, and in the case of our sixth graders they’ve got twelve weeks and TWO MORE YEARS with us.  Above I mentioned how I feel things are going.  But that’s my opinion.  I think we do a pretty good job in the areas of safety, fairness, illegal substances, and bullying.  I suppose we could sit on our laurels and pat ourselves on the back but that’s not us.  We’ll continue to strive for every student and parent to feel good about what’s happening on our campus.  And if there is someone out there who does not feel like this year is going well – then contact us here at the Jr. High and let’s work on fixing it today.  After all, we’re only two-thirds of the way through another great year. 


Greg Howard, Principal


In the next few days

Thursday, Feb. 21st – Austin Regional Science Fair

Friday, Feb. 22nd – Track Meet at Blanco; Rotary Loves Readers contest entries are due


Monday, Feb. 25th – 8th grade GT students present projects during Texan Time in library

                        8th graders only (and parent/guardian) meet at high school – more info below

Tuesday, Feb. 26th – 7th grade GT students present projects during Texan Time in library

Wednesday, Feb. 27th – 6th grade GT students present projects during Texan Time in library

                        8th graders only – Career & Technology Education meetings at Jr High

Friday, Mar. 1st – Track Meet at Navarro

Saturday, Mar. 2nd – STEAM Fair at High School


Thursday, Mar. 7th – Track Meet at Canyon Lake

Friday, Mar. 8th – Cheerleader Try-outs for 2019-2020 squad;


More detailed info about other Danforth activities

From Mrs. Stevenson – PTO President

Thank you PTO volunteers for the wonderful food and donations.  The Danforth staff was treated to a feast last Friday at lunch. 

From Teresa York – Danforth Librarian

Danforth Jr High Scholastic Books Fair Feb. 19-22 in the school library.

Online orders Feb.11-23; 

Free shipping to the school

From Lauren Huse – High School Tennis Coach

Jr. High Tennis will begin on Monday afternoon, Mar. 4th.  The week before the 4th, students will be given specific information about the tennis season during either 7th or 8th grade lunch.  More details later. 


From Shannon Atkins – High School Color Guard Instructor

The High School Color Guard Squad will be hosting a clinic for Jr. High and High School age students who are interested in Color Guard.  The clinic will be in Bridges Gym at the high school on Feb. 25-March 1st and also March 4th-6th.  The cost is $35 and that includes a snack, pizza on Friday, and a t-shirt.  For more info or to sign up please contact Shannon Atkins at 512-618-7140 or


From Carrie Campbell – Rotary Loves Readers Rotary Club Sponsor

The latest Rotary Loves Reader contest asks students to write an original Greek myth that explains how something in nature came to be.  Entries are due in the Danforth library by Friday, Feb. 22nd at 4 pm.


From Jason Valentine – High School Principal

Parents/Guardians of a current Danforth JH 8th Grader


Wimberley High School is very excited about the 2019-2020 School Year and would like to invite ALL current 8th Grade Students and Parents to our campus on Monday, February 25, 2019.  We will discuss the 19-20 Course Book, Graduation Plans and some general information for a smooth transition into Wimberley HS. 

The schedule is as follows:


5:00 - 5:25 – Pick up Packet of Scheduling Information in the Theater Foyer


5:30 - 6:00 – Parent/Student Course Book/Endorsement/Graduation Information


6:00 – 6:30 – Sign up for Individual Meeting Times in the Cafeteria for March 5th for 6th scheduling  (MUST SIGN UP FOR A TIME so your 9th grade student will have a schedule in the 19-20 (School year!)


We look forward to seeing everyone at the first WHS meeting for the Class of 2023!


Go Texans!


From Erin Sivils – Attendance Secretary
“Every Day Counts” here at school but it’s tough to have them here for every one of those days when battling all the illness that’s been going around.   As parents or guardians, you know best when to keep your children home and when they can come to school.   Before returning, they need to be symptom free for 24 hours without the aid of medication and our course if you have any questions we have a phenomenal nurse who can answer any of your questions. 

When your child is absent, here are some helpful hints to help their attendance be in good standing.

  • Notify the office on the day of the absence.  To kill two birds with one stone, send the attendance secretary an email.  It will serve as a notification and a written excuse.
  • A doctor note covers an absence better than a parent note.  They are both excused; however, TEA recognizes that a professional has stated that the student couldn’t be at school.  In this case the absence does not count against them for the 90% rule.
  • Even if the absence is unexcused, send a note anyway.  A letter for truancy must be sent when there are 3 or more unexcused absences in a four week period.  If you report the absence, we can better determine truancy.
  • Our school policy states:  Each and every day a student is absent from school, parents are required to contact the Attendance Office to report the student's absence. Students who are absent must bring a written statement signed by a parent/guardian stating the reason for the absence and present it to the Attendance Clerk at least 15 minutes before school starts on the day they return to school or within 3 days of the absence. Parent notes must be written and signed by the parent or doctor’s office. In the event parental contact is not made and/ or a note is not received, the absence is not excused.


From FCA Sponsors Mrs. Merkin, Mrs. Mauk, Coach Mauk, Coach Bone, Coach Carter and Coach Kersten

FCA ~ Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Come and join us each Friday morning at 7:20 in the gym for games, speakers, group discussions, and DONUTS! Everyone is welcome, all grades.

We hope to see you there!!