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January 14, 2019 Newsletter

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter
Monday, January 14, 2019

Principal’s Message

Grades for the 3rd six weeks and the first semester are posted online and the news is pretty good. About 1/3 of our students continued to maintain an average of 90 or above for the 3rd six weeks. About 25% of our students had perfect attendance. Thank you parents for your guidance and your help in making that happen. However, the “Thank you” is also for all the parents who’s child still works hard and yet comes up with a few B’s or C’s. The slightly lower grades do not mean the effort was any less than other students. As long as we continue to have the effort then we’re all achieving.
At the midpoint of our school year part of our focus continues to be about school safety. On this campus and throughout Wimberley ISD, we’ve had an outside agency come in and do a safety audit. We continue to make sure we’re doing everything we can to keep students safe. One of the new initiatives on this campus is “TEXANS SPEAK UP”. The concept is simple, if you see something or you hear something that doesn’t seem right, tell an adult you trust. Studies have shown that the schools where the students share what they’ve heard or what they know about, are the safest schools. For years on this campus we’ve told students to go home and tell their parents every detail about their day. We hope that most of that conversation they have with you is positive. However, when something negative or unsettling is shared then we hope, in addition to sharing it with you, they also have at least one trusted adult in this building they share it with BEFORE they are headed home.
Regardless of who or when the information is shared, the point is to keep this school safe by the sharing of info. When all of our young Texans are “speaking up” about what’s happening in their day, then we feel like we’ll continue to have the fun, safe environment that we’ve all shared for years.

Greg Howard, Principal

In the next few days

Thursday, Jan. 17th
Basketball Girls at Fredericksburg, Boys at Home
7th A & 8th B begin at 5 pm;
8th A & 7th at the conclusion of the 5 pm games
Saturday, Jan. 19th
Boys Basketball – Wimberley B Team Tournament

More detailed info about other Danforth activities

From Erin Sivils – Attendance Secretary
If you have any questions about attendance please visit the Danforth section of the school website. Under “Resources” and then “Attendance” you’ll find detailed info about attendance. If you still need something else answered please give me a call at 512-847-2181 x. 5264.

From Kara Harney – Registrar/Principal’s Secretary
Spring Pictures – February 1st
Picture Flyers will be available soon.

From Mrs. Stevenson – PTO President February is a busy time for the PTO! We are going to need your help. Danforth will be hosting the UIL meet on February 2 and the PTO runs the concession stand. This is a big fundraiser for us. Please use the link below if you would like to help us out. We are looking for donations and volunteers.

The Valentine’s Dance Party will be happening on Friday, February 8. With UIL, Spring Break, three day weekends and track meets it wasn’t easy to find a date. We understand that there is also an event in the community on this evening and have adjusted times hoping we can accommodate more students. Sixth grade will dance from 5-6:30 and the 7th and 8th graders will join us from 6:45-8:15. Tickets will be sold during lunch on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of dance week. Again, we need your help. Please use the link below to sign up to chaperone, work the concession stand or donate items for the dance.

Our last big event in February is a Staff Luncheon. We are putting on a baked potato bar on February 15 and a link will be out soon if you would like to donate food for the lunch or help us out on the day.

Next PTO Meeting is February 13 at 3:30 in the library. Please join us.

Keep the Box Tops coming! The NJHS counted up another big batch for us last week.

From FCA Sponsors Mrs. Merkin, Mrs. Mauk, Coach Mauk, Coach Bone, Coach Carter and Coach Kersten FCA ~

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Come and join us each Friday morning at 7:20 in the gym for games, speakers, group discussions, and DONUTS! Everyone is welcome, all grades. We hope to see you there!!