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WISD Unified Champions Compete in Ranch Road 12 Shootout

April 1, 2021

Wimberley ISD's Unified Champions recently competed in the Ranch Road 12 Shootout with Dripping Springs ISD. Between the two districts, 73 students competed in a basketball competition consisting of three events.

Unified Champions is a program that groups regular education and special education students together in a physical education environment that fosters inclusion and teaches all students important life skills. In the Ranch Road 12 Shootout, students competed in the 10-meter dribble, wall passing, and six-spot shooting.

The following athletes competed for WISD:

Gold Medalists: Kera Ruiz, Mollie Willoughby, Nayeli Cano, Jasper Perkins Smith, Grace Lowery, Cara Brady, Elizabeth Gonzalez, and Bryant Deakin
Silver Medalists: Rufus Perkins Smith, and Elena Luz
Bronze Medalists: Delaney Smith, Riley Stienecke, Alberto Benavides, and Joel Brodrick
The WISD Unified Champions program is led by teacher Ryan Durkin. Mr. Durkin also receives support from the following staff members at all four WISD campuses:
BHP: Annette Hambright and Sierra Krauskopf 
JWE: Emma Junkin, Michelle Wilkes, and Erika Levingston
Danforth: Alicia Rennels, Jessica Williams, and Marie Bernick
WHS: Jill Johnson, Mercedes Carrillo, Debra Evans, Ashley Kusmec and Sarah Myers
Thank you all for making this event possible, and congratulations to the competing students!