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WHS Class of 2020 Top-10 Percent Graduates Announced; Academic Excellence Awards Presented

May 11, 2020

The Wimberley High School Class of 2020 graduates ranking in the top-10 percent of their class, including the valedictorian and salutatorian, have been announced by Principal Jason Valentine.

The top-ranked senior and valedictorian is Anika Hawes. The second-ranked student and salutatorian is Kaitlyn Sloan. Other students ranked among the top-10 percent of the 173 graduates are (in order): Heath Schake, Shelby Morris, Lauren Walker, Benjamin Wilson, Cullen Cable, Cooper McCollum, Audrey Newman, Isis Harper, Daniela Guel, Grant Cabler, Ian Crain, Declan Duggan, Gregory "Cade" Houghton, Kennedee Shroyer, and Gabriela Perez. WHS plans to hold a graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020 at Texan Stadium on Friday, June 5 at 8:30 p.m.

"This senior class deserves all the praise that is heaped on them - especially with how the school year has ended," Valentine said. "They leave a legacy of excellence and it's due to the hard work that they've showcased over the last four years."

These students, along with other WHS honorees were recognized in the virtual Academic Awards presentation online here. A full list of the Academic Awards is below:

Principal’s Award: Shelby Morris and Cullen Cable


UIL State Qualifiers:

Congressional Debate State Qualifier: Daniel Morgan

Film: Declan Duggan (State Champion)


Daughters of the Republic Good Citizen Award: Kaitlyn Sloan


Boys State Participants - Logan Brookshier, Thomas Degenhart, Thomas Garner, Wyatt Wisdom 


Girls State Participants - Campbell Horn, Adele Mial, Hallie Strange

Class Awards

American Sign Language

American Sign Language 1: Isabel Rodriguez and Alberto Benavides

American Sign Language 2: Morgan Lockwood

American Sign Language 3: Cooper Feagan



Advanced Animal Science: August McDermid

Ag Structures : Ben Raska

Floral Design: Kamryn Medley

Horticulture (Barthels): Alberto Benavides

Intro to Welding: Guy Massey

Livestock Production: Madison Barbee

Principles of Ag : Rylan Cox

Principles of Construction: Kayla King

Small Animal Mgmt/Equine Science: Anika Hawes

Vet Med: Audrey Newman

Welding II/ III: Jonathan Burns

Wildlife: Kyle Armstrong



Art 1: Ian Sanchez

Advanced Drawing: Emma Brushaber

Advanced Painting: Hope McNabb



Boy: Cooper McCollum

Girl: Chloe Garrison



John Philip Sousa Award: Emily Perkins

Student Leadership Award: Andreas Bilger

Esprit de Corp Award: Macy Land

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Carson Weems

Outstanding Percussionist: Jordan Lynch

Most Improved Percussionist: James Linton

Career & Technical Education

Animation: Kendall Camacho

Audio /Video Production I: Daniel Ornelas

Audio/Production II: Declan Duggan

Child Development: Victoria Robinson

Entrepreneurship: Thomas Garner

Graphic Design I: Allison Wagner

Graphic Design II: Blake Vrba

Graphic Design Practicum: Sydney Morris

Health Science: Carson Ramsey, Natalie Figueroa

Interpersonal Studies: Hannah Lewis

Money Matters (Reeves): Layla Dubuisson

Money Matters (McNeely): Evangelina Perez

Occ Preparations (Durkin): Kaia Racine-Belleau, Madison Haston

PAL - Elizabeth Meade

Pharmacology: Cooper McCollum

Patient Care Technician: Elizabeth Meade

Principles of Arts, A/V Communication: Emma Davenport

Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance: Luke Watts

Principles of Human Services (Barthels): Nita Fraser

Social Media Marketing: Savanna Ramsay



Choir: Morgan Lockwood


Debate & Speech

Debate: Daniel Morgan

Professional Communication: Kylie Stier



English I: Azula Hunter-Thiam, Ramon Alvarez, Alberto Benavides

English I Pre-AP: Brooke Sherrill, Emma Davenport

English II: Isabella Rodriguez, Loralei Clapper, Rufus Perkins-Smith

English II Pre AP: Elysia Becken

English III: Adele Mial 

English III AP: Daniela Perez

English IV: Hailee Saxon, Madison Haston, Jasper Perkins-Smith

English IV AP: Shelby Morris

Humanities I: Olivia Barragan

Humanities II: Carmen Hollar


Design and Presentation: Gage Pruitt

Engineering Design: Tony Diehl

Principles of Applied Engineering: Allison Bowell

Robotics: Christian Alvarado



ESL: Ramon Alvarez



Health: Kayla King



Advanced Topics of Math: Olivia Linton

Algebra I: Victoria Valkner & Rufus Perkins-Smith

Algebra I Pre AP: Zoey Logan

Algebra II: Dawn Kearney

Algebra II Pre AP: Jack Garrett, Ysabel Palacios

PreCalculus PAP: Thomas Garner

AB Calculus: Cullen Cable

BC Calculus: Anika Hawes

College Prep Math: Shiloh Gold

Geometry: Nancy Nava

Geometry Pre-AP: Emma Brushaber & William McLemore

Math Model Applications: James Linton & Delaney Smith

Strategic Learning Math: Megan Mann



Business & Industry Practicum/Marketing: Justin Duggan

Public Service Practicum/Health Science: Aubrey Schoenert

STEM Practicum: Cullen Cable


Physical Education

Aerobics – Kaylee Gonzalez

PE- Emma Davenport



Anatomy:& Physiology: Gillian Guynes Biology 1 : Ava Newman

Biology Pre AP: Emma Davenport , Adam Wilson

Biology AP: Audrey Newman

Medical Micro Biology: Kendall Camacho

Chemistry: Kamryn Medley

Pre AP Chemistry: Juan Olmedo & Emma Brushaber

Computer Science: Zane LeBlanc

AP Chemistry: Luthary Segura

Environmental Systems: Kera Ruiz

Forensics: Kaitlyn Carnahan

IPC: Sean Kelly

IPC (Barthels): Madison Haston

Physics 1: Sunny Jones, Jacob Wheeler, Carson Crowder

Physics 1 AP: Thomas Garner

Physics II AP: Cullen Cable


Social Studies

World Geography (Durkin): Alberto Benavides

World Geography: Aiden Boger, Maggie Leonard, John Moore, Lauren Boyle

World History: Sunny Jones & Karen Serrato 

World History AP: Luke Evans

US History (Durkin): Brianna LeClair

U.S. History: Nancy Nava & Marshall Towns

U.S. History AP: Quinton Mendoza

Economics & Politics AP : Morgan Lockwood

Government: Emily Perkins

Economics : Zane LeBlanc

Govt./Economics (Durkin): Madison Haston



Spanish I: Elizabeth May

Spanish II: Carson Ramsey

Spanish II PreAP: Azula Hunter-Thiam

Special Topics: Megan Mann



Theatre Arts I: Azula Hunter-Thiam

Tech Theatre I: Kylie Stier

Advanced Tech Theatre: Olivia Barragan

Costume Design I: Sophia Fox

Advanced Costume Design: Shelby Morris

Advanced Theatre Arts: Adele Mial


Perfect Attendance

9th Grade

Seth Becken 

Tobias Dunagan 

Sophia Jimenez

Celestyna Martinez-Vela 

Joseph Mazanec

Ian Naylor 

Aiden Parkerson

Ariana Sokcevic

Claire Valentine

Gabriel Wray


10th Grade

Emma Brushaber

Tony Diehl II

Quinton Mendoza Ellison 

Logan Mallow

Kamryn Medley 

Victoria Robinson


11th Grade

Amber Boggs

Hannah Boggs

Cypress Daniel

Eros Sokcevic

Fletcher Stauffer


12th Grade

Kyle Clark

Declan Duggan 

Collin Kincaid 

Jaycob Moses 

John Pinkerton 

Travis Pinkerton

Luis Lopez Rodriguez

Kennedy Shroyer 

Kaitlyn Sloan


All A’s

9th Grade

Ramon Alvarez

Allison Bowell 

Lauren Boyle 

Benjamin Cabler 

Emma Davenport

Rylee German

Mi Hanh Guerra

Madelyn Harris 

William McLemore 

Kayla Pierce 

Brooke Sherrill

Emily Thames

Emmie Van De Walle

Thomas Watson 

Adam Wilson


10th Grade

Ava Armstrong 

Madison Barbee 

Elysia Becken 

Emma Brushaber 

Grace Byrne

Ava Carson 

Callie Church 

Brianna Cisneros

Quinton Ellison Mendoza 

Jack Garrett

Ariel Harper 

Makenzie Haston 

Kaitlyn Kohls 

Tillman Martinez 

Ryan Metcalf 

John Tate Murphy

Nancy Nava 

William Norris 

Sara Palacios 

Hale Prior

Carson Ramsey 

Alexandra Rushing 

Loren Silva 

Brenna Trudeau 


11th Grade

Madisyn Elliott

Luke Evans 

Thomas Garner 

Marison Guel

Rachel Kimbell-Jack 

Kyla Simpson

Zane Stevenson 

Wyatt Wisdom


12th Grade

Grant Cabler

Kayla Gould 

Anika Hawes

Cooper McCollum

Shelby Morris

Holden Rushing

Hailee Saxon 

Kaitlyn Sloan 

Lauren Walker