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School Zone Safety Reminder

Slow Down and Pay Attention

The life of a child is priceless and not worth the risk of speeding through a school zone. Children are more vulnerable than adults to being hit by a car. They tend to be less cautious than adults, are less visible because of their small size and less likely to survive a hit by a vehicle, than an adult.

When approaching a school zone, slow down. Law enforcement officials frequently monitor school zones and will show no mercy for speeding drivers. The few seconds you may save speeding through a school zone are not worth the fine, but more importantly, are not worth the life of a child.

Cell Phones are Prohibited While Driving Through a School Zone

To improve pedestrian safety, House Bill 347 prohibits the use of cell phones while driving on school property during reduced speed time zones. The ban applies to any school property where a school crossing zone is present. The only exceptions to the law are when the vehicle is stopped, the driver is using a hands-free device, or if the individual is in the process of making an emergency call or operating an emergency vehicle.