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Transportation's SMART tag Parent Portal System Now Live

May 4, 2022

This school year, the Wimberley ISD Transportation Department launched the SMART tag system on all of our buses. By swiping on and off buses with their Student ID cards, our riders are providing real-time information to our Transportation Department that helps increase the safety and security for our students. Now, this information is available to you, the parent, through SMART tag's recently launched Parent Portal. 

The online Parent Portal may be accessed at On your iOS (instructions) or Android (instructions) device you can save the site as a web app to your home screen for easy access. The portal allows parents the following:

  • Receive emails or text messages when your child is approximately 10-15 minutes from their stop with SMART Alerts. (This feature is only available on routes to and from school.)
  • View a map showing the bus location as your child is being transported with SMART Locate. (Available on routes and field trips.)
  • Update authorized guardians that can receive your PreK through 2nd grade student at the bus stop.
To begin the registration process visit online and enter in Wimberley ISD. (Tutorial here: English | Spanish). Then type in your child's WISD student ID number, birthday, and campus name. Once you've registered one child you can login and add additional children to your parent account.
The parent portal system is available for parents/guardians of any student that rides a WISD bus, including activity buses. All riders will be required to have a badge that must be worn when riding the bus. If students need a replacement badge they must visit their campus's front office (or web store). Replacement badges will cost $5.

Several tutorial videos about how to register for the Parent Portal are shared on our Transportation page here