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WHS Sophomore Launches Book Giveaway Program for Children

November 22, 2021

The Wimberley community is deservedly known for giving back and helping its friends and neighbors with a wide range of needs. That spirit of service is perfectly embodied by Wimberley High School sophomore Isabella Franchione and her free book program - Chapter One.

izzy with booksIsabella’s program allows teachers, schools, or individuals from across the country to apply to receive a package of carefully curated books that are selected based on their age-appropriateness and the number of children that will be receiving them. The idea was born out of a desire to help others. “At my old school district I would see ripped books or books with drawings on them, and we didn’t have enough for everyone,” Isabella says. “When I transferred to Wimberley I noticed we have so many nice books, but I know it’s not like that everywhere.” 

Applicants to the Chapter One program need only visit Isabella’s website (, fill out a handful of questions, and within weeks Isabella (with her mother’s help) will package a selection of books and mail them out. The entire program costs nothing to the applicants, so monetary donations are extremely important as Isabella looks to advance the program. “I want to help as many people as possible, so I have a donate button on my website and there’s a Venmo account (@Chapter-One),” Isabella says.

Book donations also are helpful. Isabella sends out a mix of new and used/donated books, but she wants her recipients to feel as though each book is a new book, so donated books undergo a thorough inspection to ensure there are no creases or ripped pages. Books can be donated to Isabella’s program through the Wimberley High School front office.

Except for the help she gets from her mother, Isabella is leading the Chapter One program on her own, including designing and sending handmade bookmarks with each order. Despite being busy with other extracurricular activities like soccer and cross country, Isabella wants to grow the program and put books in the hands of as many children as possible. “I had an order from a class in California and they sent me some photos when they received the books,” Isabella explained. “It was just the best feeling in the world and I feel like sometimes people my age don’t think about more than what’s right around them, but I’m really passionate about helping others - it’s what makes me happy.”

If you’d like to help the Chapter One program please contact Isabella online at: