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WHS Celebrates Class of 2024 with Scholarship Ceremony

May 3, 2024

Wimberley HS held its annual Scholarship Ceremony on May 2nd, distributing awards and recognizing scholarship recipients from the Class of 2024. WHS seniors have accepted over $3.8 million in total offered scholarships. That number includes a total of more than $280,000 awarded by local organizations. The following are the Class of 2024's local awards and scholarships that were reported and awarded:

Scholastic Excellence Award

Olivia Wilson
Joshua Bober


Scholar Athlete Award

William ‘Chase’ Carson
Madeline Brushaber


National Merit Finalist - National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC)

Brennan Ramsey


Academic Booster Club Scholarship

ABC Red Scholarship Recipient
William ‘Chase’ Carson
Madeline Brushaber
Isabella Franchione
Madison Anderson

ABC White Scholarship Recipient
Lea Martin
Ella Malone
Jesse Weeks

ABC Blue Scholarship Recipient
Rowan Paluch

Theresa Hebert Memorial Scholarship Recipient
Elizabeth Gonzalez


ACE College Scholarship Recipient

Jesse Weeks


ACE Trade School Scholarship Recipient

Rowan Paluch


God is Good All the Time Scholarship

Itzel Casas $500
Isabella Franchione $500


Hays County Aggie Moms Club Scholarship 

Madeline Brushaber $500
William ‘Chase’ Carson $500


Hochheim-Prairie Branch 111 D&D Insurance Agency Scholarship

Drew Brasher $1,000
Brody Gabriel $1,000
Elizabeth Gonzalez $1,000
Gwendolyn Pierce $1,000
James Wilkes $1,000
Ava Zinkgraf $1,000


League of Women Voters of Hays County Youth Civic Education Scholarship

Elizabeth Gonzalez $500


Love Like Logan Scholarship - TOTAL of $25,000

Ella Malone
Isabella Franchione
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Aidan Archer
Samuel Shelor
Drew Brasher
Madeline Brushaber
Zachary Patek
William ‘Chase’ Carson
Jesse Weeks
Joshua Bober
Faith Simmons
Owen Watson
James Wilkes
Madison Anderson
Maddux Couch


Marvin Joseph Memorial Scholarship Knights of Columbus Council 9151 

Itzel Casas $5,000
Faith Simmons $3,000
Addison Slade $2,000
Zachary Patek $2,000


Ozona National Bank Scholarship

Itzel Casas $500 
Dexter Kehl $500
Ella Malone $500
Faith Simmons $500


Robert Moreman Memorial Scholarship

Emmett Cole $7,000
Adan Garcia $7,000
Ace Gonzalez $7,000
Molly Massey $7,000
Nivea Perez $7,000
Elliot Richards $7,000


Rotary Club of Wimberley

Lea Martin $1,500


Stanley J. Barnes Memorial Golf Scholarship

Jesse Weeks $2,000


Wimberley Community Civic Club Scholarship - TOTAL $25,600

Madison Anderson
Aiden Archer
Joshua Bober
Madeline Brushaber
Itzel Casas
Isabella Franchione
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Dexter Kehl


Wimberley FFA Alumni Scholarship

Molly Massey $1,000
Riley Steinecke $1,500


Wimberley Institute of Cultures Bill Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Isabella Franchione $1000
Elizabeth Gonzalez $1000
Lea Martin $1000


Wimberley Lions Club Scholarship                                             

Aiden Archer
Madeline Brushaber
James Buck
Itzel Casas
Isabella Franchione
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Ella Malone
Lea Martin
Brennan Ramsey
James Wilkes


Wimberley Masonic Lodge

Madison Anderson $1,250
Dexter Kehl $1,250


Wimberley Texan Athletic Booster Association 

Joseph ‘Wolf’ Hill
Lea Martin
Owen Watson
William ‘Chase’ Carson
Madeline Brushaber
Jesse Weeks
Noah Birdsong
Gwendolyn Pierce
Ace Gonzales


Wimberley Texan Car Wash

Madison Anderson $500
Itzel Casas $500


Wimberley Water Supply Corporation Raymond L. Czichos Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Gonzalez $1500 
Ella Malone $1500


Wimberley Youth Sports Association - TOTAL $10,000

Cody Frederick $2,000
Trent Latz $1,200
Jason Howard $1,200
Zachary Patek $1,000
Jesse Weeks $1,000
Drew Brasher $900
Baylee Gold $900
Bryson Young $800
Holland Wyatt $600
Joe Sheffield $400


Military Enlistment Recognition:

Sean Greber - Air Force
Risa Espinoza - Air Force Academy
Caden Romo - Air Force Academy
Rayce Owen - Air Force
Karina Navarro - Army
Crystal Reyes - Army
Marcus Hernandez - Marines
Evan Rogers - Navy


In addition to the local scholarships and the other recognitions that students received at the ceremony, the following scholarships have also been reported as accepted by members of the Class of 2024. (Listed by student's name, alphabetically.) 

Reese Adams Merit Scholarship $20,550/year $82,200 Lousisiana State University
Madison Anderson
R.L. Money Chancellor's Award $20,000/year $80,000
Abilene Christian University
Visiting ACU Award $2,000/year $8,000
Aidan Archer
University of Alabama Engineering $1,250/sem $10,000
University of Alabama
U of A Presidential National Housing $4,750/sem $9,500
U of A Competitive Achievement 2024 $16,200/sem $129,600
U of A Provost Supplemental $500/sem 4,000
Wimberley Lions Club $1,000/sem 8,000
Noah Birdsong
WTAM Athletic Scholarship $12,000/year $48,000
West Texas A&M
WTAM Academic Scholarship $1,000/year $4,000
Joshua Bober Terry Foundation Scholarship $31,000/year $124,000 University of Texas
Drew Brasher ACU Annual Scholarship $22,500/year $90,000 Abilene Christian University
Michael Brister       Texas State University
Lucas Brookshier National Rural Small Town Recognition Award Full Tuition $143,600 University of Alabama
Kenslee Brown Presidential Scholarship $1,000/year $4,000 Texas Tech University
Madeline Brushaber Lions Club Academic Scholarship $1,000/sem $8,000 Texas A&M University
Grant Buck Lions Club Academic Scholarship $1,000/sem $8,000 University of Texas
Alex Caldwell Academic Excellence Scholarship $1,000/sem $8,000 University of Texas at San Antonio
Itzel Casas
Deans Scholarship UIW $12,000/year $48,000
University of Incarnate Word
God is Good All the Time $500 $500
Lions Club Academic Scholarship $1,000/year $8,000
Wimberley Community Civic Club   $1,000
Maral Charyyeva
CMU Scholarship & Grant   $89,729
Carnegie Mellon University
QuestBridge National Match Finalist > 60% of chosen school  
Alejandro Chio
Texas State Merit Scholarship $12,000/year $48,000
Texas State University
National Hispanic Scholarship $2,000/year $8,000
Kimball Curnutt
Dimitri Dellis Trust Scholarship $14,500/year $58,000
Texas Tech University
TTU Merit Scholarship $1,500/sem $12,000
Juniper Daniel
Athletic Softball Scholarship $10,000/semester  
St. Edward's University
St. Ed's Academic Scholarship $16,000/semester  
Risa Espinoza US Air Force Academy Appointment Full Tuition $400,000 Air Force Academy
Ella Fertitta UNT Excellence Scholarship $8,000/year $32,000 University of North Texas
Isabella Franchione
UA Competitive Achievement $32,400/year $129,600.00
University of Alabama
UA Presidential Housing $4,750/sem $9,500.00
UA Provost Academic $1,000/year $4,000.00
Wimberley Lions Club $1,000/sem $8,000.00
"God is Good All the Time" $500 $500.00
Wimberley Community Civic Club    
Brody Gabriel UTSA Distinguished Presidential Scholarship $2,000/year $8,000.00 University of Texas at San Antonio
Baylee Gold Track & Field Scholarship $5,000/year $20,000 Angelo State University
Ace Gonzales
Deans Scholarship $18,000/year $72,000
Hardin-Simmons University
Heritage $1,500/year $6,000
Tuition Equalization Grant $3,873/year $15,492
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Terry Scholarship $31,600/year $126,400
University of Texas
PEC Scholarship $4,000 $4,000
Lions Club Academic Scholarship $2,000/year $8,000
Arlen Hanle Presidential Award $10,000/year $80,000 University of Incarnate Word
Sydney Hendon Academic Scholarship $8,000/year $64,000 Baylor University
Hadlea Hill Merit Based Scholarship $10,000/year $40,000 Abilene Christian University
Wolf Hill
VFW Voice of Democracy $2,000 $2,000
University of Texas
Drake University Presidential Scholarship   $140,000
Stetson University Presidential Scholarship   $140,000
Trinity University Murchison Scholarship   $132,000
Wingate Univeristy Merit Based Scholarship   $122,000
Southwestern University Merit Scholarship   $120,000
Texas Lutheran University Presidential Scholarship   $1,000
Zachary Kientz
UofO Scholarship - Sower Award $2,500/sem $20,000
University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma State University $9,000/year $36,000
University of New Hampshire, Presidential Scholarship $9,000/year $36,000
Kansas State University $8,436/year $33,744
University of New Mexico Tuition Waiver $23,219/year $92,876
Texas Tech University Presidential Merit Scholarship $2,000/year $8,000
Noah Lewis
Engineering Scholarship $1,250/sem $10,000
University of Alabama
Presidential National Housing $4,250/sem $9,500
Provost Academic Supplemental $500/sem $4,000
VA Competitive Achievement $16,200/sem $129,600
Ella Malone
Lions Club Academic Scholarship $2,000/year $8,000
Wheaton College
Wheaton College Presidential Scholarship $20,000/year $80,000
Kaitlyn Marinos Purple and Gold Scholarship $4,200/year $16,800 University of Washington
Lea Martin
UO Excellence Scholarship $20,000/year $80,000
University of Oregon
Wester Washington Award for Excellence $15,000/year $60,000
Lewis and Clark Sequoia Scholarship $39,000/year $156,000
University of Maine Flagship Match Scholarship $21,000/year $84,000
Oregon State University Provost Scholarship $12,000/year $48,000
Molly Massey
Texas Comptroller   $5,000
Texas State University
Hays County Livestock Show Queen   $1,250
Hays County Livestock Exposition   $5,000
Seguin Sons of Herman Sporting Clays Shoot 1st Place   $500
Kyan McAtee Presidential Merrit $2,000/year $8,000 Texas Tech University
Kathryn McKinney
TU Presidential Scholarship $38,000/year $152,000
Trinity University
Baker-Duncan Debate Scholarship $5,000/year $20,000
SEU Honors Presidential Scholarship $35,000/year $140,000
Paige Merriman Merit Based Scholarship $14,000/year $56,000 Baylor University
Layla Quartucci
Presidential Scholarship $28,000/year $112,000
University of Texas
Achievement Scholarship $8,000/year $32,000
Brennan Ramsey
UT Dallas National Merit Scholarship 100% tuition $110,000
University of Texas at Dallas
Wimberley Lions Club Scholarship $1,000/sem $8,000
Caden Romo Athletic Scholarship - AFA Full Tuition $400,000 Air Force Academy
Asa Rothelle UNM Student Recognition $11,000/ $22,000 ACC
Katie Schroeder TTU Presidential merit Scholarship $1,000/year $4,000 Texas Tech University
Peyton Shaw Texas State Achievement Scholarship $8,000/year $32,000 Texas State University
Samuel Shelor
President's Scholarship $29,000/year $116,000
Trinity University
Music Scholarship $2,000/year $8,000
Unsung Hero Award $1,500 $1,500
Addison Slade TSU Merit Scholarship $12,000/year $48,000 Texas State University
Riley Steinecke Presidential Merit Scholarship $1,500/year $6,000 Texas Tech University
Chloe Thompson Presidential Award $13,000/year $52,000 George Washington University
William Lane Vera Trustee Scholarship $15,000/year $60,000 McMurry University
Andrew Vinson
John C Stevens Award $18,000/year $72,000
Abilene Christian University
Presidentail Scholarship $5,000/year $20,000
Jesse Weeks
Baylor University Distinction Award $16,000/year $64,000
Texas A&M University
Mississippi State University $16,765/year $67,060
Golf Scholarship   $500
Kate Westmoreland
BU Presidential Scholarship $12,000/year $48,000
Belhaven University
STEM Scholarship $2,000/year $8,000
BU Resident Hall Grant $3,500/year $14,000
Teagan Wharton
Texas State Merit Scholarship $6,000/year $24,000
Texas State University
Texas First Year Award 5,000 $5,000
JD Wilkes
Royce L Money Chancellors' Award for Academic Excellence $20,000/year $80,000
Abilene Christian Unviersity
Presidential Scholarship $5,000/year $20,000
College Board Recognition - Rural Town Scholarship $6,000/year $24,000
Visit ACU Award $2,000/year $8,000
Lions Club Academic Scholarship $2,000/year $8,000
Texas State Achievement Scholarship $12,000/year $48,000
Baylor Merit Scholarship $40,000/year $160,000
Holland Wyatt Texas State Merit Scholarship $3,000/sem $24,000 Texas State University