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Wimberley HS Students Receive National Recognition from College Board

August 25, 2023

An astounding 42 Wimberley HS students were honored in four College Board National Recognition award categories. The programs celebrate underrepresented students who excel academically on College Board assessments, including PSAT/NMSQT®, PSAT™ 10, and AP® exams and are an opportunity for students to share their strong academic achievements with colleges and scholarship programs that are seeking to recruit diverse talent.

The criteria for eligible students include:

  • GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • PSAT/NMSQT or PSAT 10 assessment scores that are within the top 10% of assessment takers in each state for each award program or earned a score of 3 or higher on 2 or more AP Exams in 9th and 10th grade.
  • Attend school in a rural area or small town, or identify as African American/Black, Hispanic American/Latino, or Indigenous/Native.  

The WHS students were awarded in the following programs:

  • National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA)
  • National Rural and Small Town Award (NRSTA)
  • National Indigenous Award (NIA)

The following students received the honors:

  • Aidan Archer: NRSTA
  • Joshua Bober: NHRA, NRSTA
  • Michael Brister: NHRA
  • Lucas Brookshier: NHRA, NRSTA
  • Riel Burgess: NRSTA
  • Wynston Burttschell: NRSTA
  • William Carson: NRSTA
  • Shepherd Carter: NRSTA
  • Taryn Chapman: NRSTA
  • Alejandro Chio: NRSTA
  • Jonathon Davenport: NRSTA
  • Parker Doss: NRSTA
  • Risa Espinoza: NHRA
  • Isabella Franchione: NRSTA
  • Eamon Gallagher: NRSTA
  • Elizabeth Gonzalez: NHRA, NRSTA
  • Arlen Hanle: NRSTA
  • Sydney Hendon: NHRA, NRSTA
  • Susan Hernandez: NHRA, NRSTA
  • Julian Jaggard: NRSTA
  • Iris Kawas Lemoine: NHRA, NRSTA
  • Lydia Krause: NRSTA
  • Noah Lewis: NRSTA
  • Shelby Logan: NRSTA
  • Jacob Mantsch: NRSTA
  • Ty Marko: NRSTA
  • Kaitlyn Marinos: NHRA
  • Lea Martin: NRSTA
  • Maia Martin: NRSTA
  • Margaret Moore: NRSTA
  • Layla Quartucci: NRSTA
  • Brennan Ramsey: NRSTA
  • Tison Sames: NRSTA
  • Fabian Santin: NHRA
  • Samuel Shelor: NIA, NRSTA
  • Chloe Thompson: NRSTA
  • Gage Trudeau: NRSTA
  • Kate Westmoreland: NRSTA
  • James Wilkes: NRSTA
  • Olivia Wilson: NRSTA
  • Tyler Youens: NRSTA
  • Ava Zinkgraf: NIA