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Wimberley Education Foundation Distributes More than $18,000 in Teacher Grants

November 3, 2022

The Wimberley Education Foundation (WEF) Grant Prize Patrol team spent the morning of November 2nd knocking on classroom doors and handing over money! The surprise grant awards are the culminating event for WEF's annual Innovative Teaching Grant program. The grant process opens at the beginning of the school year and is open to WISD employees with the stipulation that the applying program must benefit student achievement and is tied into the district or campus improvement plan.

Additionally, the WEF considers each proposal to the degree that it represents a creative or innovative objective to student academic performance. In other words, the more creative and unique, the better. In 2022, the WEF distributed 10 grants, dispersed across all four WISD campuses. The successful proposals were:

Wimberley High School

  • $5,000 - Let's Take a Walk Around Paris and See the Mona Lisa!
    • Sponsors: Donna Gary, Greg Dydalewicz, Katie Zimmerman, Paige Blakemore, and Jacqueline Johnson
  • $3,000 - Music Stands (also to be used at Danforth JH)
    • Sponsors: Adam Apolinar, John Winebrenner, Reese Spano
  • $1,500 - Podcasting Equipment
    • Sponsors: Lauren Reeves, Stephanie Breedyk, Greg Dydalewicz, Kate McNeely
  • $1,000 - Project Runway
    • Sponsor: Rhonda Riali 
  • $887.79 - Accessible Team and Individual Sports for Lifelong Fun and Health, Part 4
    • Sponsors: Jill Johnson and Mercedes Carrillo
  • $806.95 - From Seed to Smoothies - Schoolyard Smoothie Bus
    • Sponsors: Jennifer Gold, Ryan Durkin, Jason Giesen

Danforth Junior High

  • $899 - Sink for Science Lab
    • Sponsor: Lindsay O'Gan

Jacob's Well Elementary

  • $3,562 - Outdoor Trail Fitness Area
    • Sponsors: Michelle Wilkes, Alisha Ronshousen, Leigh Anne Slack, Jamie Thibodeaux, Robyn Rivera

Blue Hole Primary School

  • $841.15 - Learning with Light!
    • Sponsor: Juliet Long (PK-4)
  • $551.77 - Boogie into Writing
    • Sponsor: Latonya Rosborough (2nd)

To learn more about the Wimberley Education Foundation and how it supports the students of WISD, visit