• Wimberley High School utilizes the Wellness Center as part of its school-wide guidance counseling program. All students at Wimberley High School have the opportunity to utilize the Wellness Center at the discretion of their teachers or during lunch or Texan Time. The Wellness Center’s mission is to serve as a bridge for students who need time-limited support to return to the academic setting. The Wellness Center provides a safe space to talk to a trusted adult, psychoeducational lessons, a quiet space for a snack or self-regulation, and research-based short-term interventions to improve academic and social outcomes. The Wellness Center can also provide outside referrals for more intensive support with parent or guardian permission or by request as needed. The Wellness Center is a tier 1 intervention and part of WISD’s safe and supportive schools initiative. Appropriate notification will be made immediately if any student is in danger or any type of abuse is reported as outlined in the American School Counselor Association Ethical Standards. Grade and attendance data as well as a team approach with appropriate stakeholders (teachers, students, families, and Wellness Center staff), will be utilized to ensure academic success remains the top priority for all students. 

    If you have any questions about the WHS Wellness Center please feel free to contact Sarah Myers, Wellness Center Coordinator (sarah.myers@wimberleyisd.net), Ryan Wilkes, Principal (ryan.wilkes@wimberleyisd.net), or Lori Pharis, Director of Student Support Services (lori.pharis@wimberleyisd.net) to discuss this program. The safety, well-being, and academic success of all WHS students are and will continue to be our top priority.