• What is Practicum Education?

    Learning by doing is considered to be one of the best and most lasting methods of acquiring new knowledge and skills. With this in mind, the business community cooperates with the school in providing this learning experience to students through its Practicum programs. This experience offers each student hands-on training in the preferred occupation of the student. The work portion of the program is considered as an extension of the classroom. Not all jobs fit into becoming an approved training station so the student must work with the teacher/practicum supervisor on feasibility of this situation.

    What is a training station?

    A training station is defined as an approved business establishment which employs a practicum student and provides supervised work experience in accordance with a written training plan. It is only after the teacher/practicum supervisor approves worksite for the student and the training plan is completed, the business becomes an approved education training station.

    What is the purpose of a training plan?

    The training of each student, both in the classroom and on the job, is conducted in accordance with a written training plan developed by the teacher/practicum supervisor together with the employer. It includes skills to be acquired, information to be taught in class, length of training, and wages to be earned. The document used is provided by the Texas Education Agency and current child labor laws must be followed. Specific classroom assignments are noted based on the job position, if necessary.

    What is a practicum supervisor?

    Practicum programs are led by a practicum supervisor who monitors the student’s progress at the training station and conducts the class at school. It is the practicum supervisor’s role to keep in close communication with each student’s employer to provide correlated classroom instruction for that student’s specific job requires, as well as to become aware of problem situations which can be remedied. However, because the experience takes place in the business world, students should work hard at recognizing and solving problems on the job. It should be understood that the practicum supervisor does not hire, terminate, promote, or demote students on the job.