• Wimberley ISD continues its mission to remain at the forefront of education technology—a primary initiative is our 1:1 program at Wimberley High School to enhance the education of students by;

    *Procuring, installing, and maintaining current and evolving technologies to enrich student-learning outcomes
    *Sharpening students' 21st-century skills to be competitive in a technology dynamic local and global workplace
    *Providing equitable access to technology resources

    The District implements the 1:1 program through technology equipment and services;

    *Computer Lab in the High School Library and CTE Classrooms
    *Computer Labs at Danforth Junior High, Jacobs Well and Scudder Campuses
    *Projectors/Televisions in every classroom
    *Network Infrastructure (Wireless Access Points and Switches)
    *High-Speed Broadband Access and Telecommunication services
    *Faculty and Staff Technology needs to support student learning
    *Security solutions to protect student and school district data
    *Hardware/Software to filter out suspicious content and threats
    *Current 1:1 Chromebooks for all High School Students
    *Software Licenses procured throughout the district

    Beginning with the Senior class of 2023, the District will issue incoming freshmen a brand new Chromebook and assess a $60 annual technology fee. Upon graduation from Wimberley High School, the Chromebook becomes the student's property. WlSD will be the owner of the device until that time.

    We recognize that fees pose a hardship for some families. In those cases, the District will negotiate a payment schedule or waiver. These fees are in no way a prerequisite for registration at WISD.

    The student is responsible for damages to the Chromebook. The $60 fee provides District funds to repair the device in-house at a significantly reduced cost, compared to a third party service provider. Through the district repair services, families will only be responsible for the hardware (at cost) and no labor charges for the repair.

    Repair cost up to (without shipping/handling):
    Top LCD Assembly - $140
    Motherboard - $100
    Keyboard - $100
    Bottom Case - $40
    Screen - $40
    AC Adapter - $40

    If the student leaves the District prior to graduation, they must return the Chromebook and pay for repair or replacement of any missing or damaged items. Lost or stolen devices will require full replacement of the device ($250). Non-freshman students, new to the district, are responsible for the technology fee for the years prior to their classification. For example, if a student enters the district as a junior, the student will be assessed a $180 tech fee before the District issues a device to the student. If the student leaves before the end of their senior year, the student must either return the device, or pay the remaining technology fees.

    It has been the experience of the Wimberley ISD administration that  families truly feel invested in the education of all students and share their feedback with us, provide better options and also offer to step in to make their student’s education the best it can be. Knowing that our parents are part of a partnership to improve public education, we continuously listen to your feedback and adjust the strategies we deploy to achieve our mission of strength, innovation and excellence.

    Fee Waiver Application