• Frequently Asked Questions

    About Sports Physicals and Athletic Paperwork


    Last year my child did not have to get a physical but this year he/she does.  Why is this occurring? 
    Last year, the UIL announced that if a student-athlete had a prior physical to the 2020-2021 school year, only the UIL Medical History Form would need to be completed.  However, if a student-athlete answered “yes” to specific questions on the MEDICAL HISTORY FORM, the student-athlete may be required to obtain another sports physical.  Incoming 7th graders were required to obtain a sports physical as well.

    This year, the UIL announced that the moratorium of the last year physical is expired.  This will require the student-athlete to obtain a new physical.  Therefore, If your child did not obtain a new sports physical for the 2020-2021 school year, they are required to obtain one prior to any athletic participation.


    Does my child have to have a physical every year in the Wimberley ISD (WISD)?
    No, under UIL requirements, a physical examination form must be completed prior to junior high participation and again prior to first and third years of high school athletic participation.  It must be completed if there are “yes” answers to specific questions on the student MEDICAL HISTORY FORM.  Local policy can be adopted to require an annual physical, but that is not a requirement in WISD.


    How long does a sports physical remain active?
    A sports physical must be done before the student-athletes’ 7th grade, 9th grade, and 11th grade years.  Basically, every 2 years.  However, if a student-athlete answers “yes” to specific questions on the MEDICAL HISTORY FORM, the student-athlete may be required to obtain another sports physical.  


    Must all paperwork be signed and returned for participation in UIL athletics?


    Where can I find the appropriate forms and/or paperwork?
    This year, these forms will be sent out electronically or can be picked up at Wimberley High School and Danforth Junior High. They will also be distributed at our packet pick up day on May 4th, 2021.    

    You can contact your child’s coach at their respective school.  You can also visit the school district website at www.wimberleyisd.net.  Click on Departments and then click Athletics.  On the left you will see High school teams.  Please click on that.  On the next page, please scroll down and you will see “Sports Physicals”.  Please click on that.  From there you should be able to download a 2021-2022 Athletic Forms Packet.

    The last option is to email the WISD Athletic Trainer Johnny Gonzales at johnny.gonzales@wimberleyisd.net and he can e-mail these forms directly to you.  He can also be contacted at 512-847-5729, extension 3203.


    Will Wimberley ISD be hosting a sports physical clinic this year?


    Where can we go to get a sports physical?
    Please contact your child’s primary care provider or physician of your choice.  They will be able to perform your child’s sports physical.  If you do not have a primary care provider, you can go to urgent care clinics such as: MedPost Urgent Care in San Marcos or Live Oak Walk-in Clinic in San Marcos.


    When is the athletic paperwork due?
    Under UIL rules, all athletic paperwork is due prior to any practice, game/scrimmage. You may email any athletic paperwork to Coach Gonzales at johnny.gonzales@wimberleyisd.net or turn it in at the Fieldhouse or WHS  if you are going to be at Wimberley High School.  If you are going to be a 7th or 8th grader, please drop your packet off at Danforth Jr. High.