School Profile

  • Susie Brooks Danforth Junior High

    Wimberley Independent School District

    Grades 6 – 8

    Sixth Grade – 199
    Seventh Grade – 199
    Eighth Grade – 201

    Total Enrollment – 599


    White - 73.4%

    Hispanic - 22.8%

    African-American, Asian, Multi-Racial - 3.8%

    Susie B. Danforth Campus was built in 1985 and opened as a Junior High and High School in September of 1986.  Although it was originally intended to be a Middle School, Wimberley deconsolidated from Jack C. Hays Consolidated School District and opened its own secondary campuses.  Danforth remained a 6-12 campus up until 1997 when the new High School was opened on Carney Lane.  In 2009, Danforth Junior High was renovated to include a new library, computer lab, two classrooms, gymnasium and centralized administrative offices. 

    Susie Sophia Brooks Danforth, 1876 – 1979, was a pioneer in education for the Wimberley Valley since the late1890’s.  She dedicated her life to education in the Wimberley area as well as a couple of brief teaching experiences in Oklahoma, but always returned to Wimberley.  The students knew her as their Teacher for many years till retirement.   In 1942, she came out of retirement to be the Principal and 9th/10th grade teacher in Wimberley Schools.  Her philosophy in education was based on the Three R’s “Reading, Riting, Rithmetic”, corporal punishment, attentive students and outdoor living.  Miss Susie truly dedicated her life to education and the students of Wimberley setting the standard for excellence those many years ago that continue today.