Mission and Vision

  • Shared Vision

    Our Students:
    • receive an engaging and comprehensive education built upon an individual’s strengths,talents, and interests.
    • are life-long learners who are effectively prepared for diverse opportunities and endeavors.
    • are emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy.
    • are socially responsible and successful, contributing citizens of the global society.
    Our learning environment:
    • provides an evolving and innovative curriculum that meets the needs of all students,preparing them for a global and diverse society.
    • is facilitated by safe, secure, and small campuses.
    • provides engaging activities that extend beyond the campus walls.
    • ensures accountability among parents, students, and staff.
    • promotes district partnerships with parents and the community through innovative and effective communication strategies.
    • is supported by well-maintained, adaptable, and inviting facilities.
    Our district and community:
    • provide mentors and volunteers who help develop and nurture students, faculty, and staff.
    • create community service opportunities for students.
    • provide state-of-the-art learning environments and facilities.
    • practice open, honest, and respectful communication and dialogue to achieve mutual trust and working partnerships.
    • acknowledge we are one entity, and together we share responsibility and ownership of our schools.
    Empowering dreams through educational excellence
    District Goals
    • communicates effectively and develops partnerships with cities, businesses, communities, and parents.
    • utilizes state-of-the-art technology in and out of the classroom.
    • maintains low student/teacher ratios and small campuses.
    • employs faculty and staff with superior training in their areas of expertise and provides ongoing professional development.
    • develops and implements appropriately challenging and aligned curriculum.
    • has a financial strategy which reflects the priorities of our community.
    • provides safe and appropriate facilities for all in the district.
    • offers an evolving curriculum that provides diverse opportunities for all students.