Technology at Danforth Junior High School

  • Technology continues to be a major topic of conversation in our schools and community. Our kids are growing up in a world where using smart devices are a way of life. It is important for Wimberley ISD to try to keep up with these advancements as much as possible, so that we can better prepare our students to become global citizens.

    The technology changes that are taking place on our campuses to improve our student's educational needs are both exciting and challenging. We continue to work on our infrastructure, so that we will be ready to meet our growing technology needs. In addition, our teachers attended a variety of professional development sessions this summer related to technology, and our students are being introduced to a variety of Digital Awareness topics.

    We have a long road ahead of us, but we continue to do what is necessary to get our staff, students & parents ready for the influx of smart devices. These devices are going to totally enhance what our teachers have to offer our students, and open up a whole new aspect in education. Wimberley Texans have exciting times to look forward to!