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Child Nutrition Services » Texas Public School Nutrition Policy

Texas Public School Nutrition Policy

There have been many changes made over the last five years in public schools regarding what food are permitted and which are not.  One example of this is that a parent may provide any foods they would like to for their child but they may not provide foods for their children’s friends or neighbors.  The web link below takes you to The Texas Department of Agriculture’s web site where all these regulations are listed.

Texas School Nutrition Policy Implementation Schedule 2006-2010 http://www.squaremeals.org/vgn/tda/files/2348/15997_Nutrition%20Policy%20Implementation%20Schedule.pdf

Texas School Nutrition Policy Update 2009-2010 http://www.squaremeals.org/vgn/tda/files/2348/13440_TPSNP%20SY_09-10.pdf

Nutritious Snacks http://www.smcisd.net/files/filesystem/9676_Nutritious%20Snack%20Broch2.pdf

Non Food Fund Raising http://www.squaremeals.org/vgn/tda/files/2348/13149_Non%20Food%20Ways%20to%20Reward.pdf

10 Ways to Improve Your Home Food Habits http://www.squaremeals.org/vgn/tda/files/2348/12981_10%20Ways%20Eating%20Habits_Eng.pdf

My Pyramid English and Spanish  http://www.mypyramid.gov/index.html

Texas Department of Agriculture http://www.squaremeals.org/fn/home/page/0,1248,2348_0_0_0,00.html