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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I suspect someone else is using my child's account?                                          
It is important that each child know their keypad number (also known as universal pin) is confidential and should never be shared with friends. The account is for the use of the named student ONLY, multiple students, siblings, parents, etc. may not use the student account to purchase meals. If you feel someone is making unauthorized purchases or using your student's account, please contact our office immediately at 512-847-0348. We will change your student's confidential keypad number, investigate the matter, and work out any account concerns you may have.
Can students charge their meals?
WISD does not encourage charging of meals.  In the event a meal must be charged, the maximum allowed is two meals per student.  If a student has exceeded the maximum charges of two meals, the student will receive a meal equivalent to include a sandwich, fruit and milk at no cost. Each campus will notify the student's parents either by sending a charge letter, email, or phone call when a student owes more than two meals.

Can we write checks for meals? What happens if they are returned to the school?
Checks are acceptable.  Checks should be made payable to "WISD Child Nutrition" and should include the student's full name and grade in the memo section of your check.  The check can be given to the school's cafeteria manager.  The entire amount of the check will be deposited in the student's account. The cafeteria staff are unable to give change.
In the event that your check is returned to WISD Child Nutrition unpaid by your bank, Wimberley ISD or its agent will redeposit your check electronically. Additionally, by submitting a check, you understand and agree that we may electronically collect a return check fee of $25.00. The use of a check for payment is your acknowledgment and acceptance of this policy and its terms. The use of "Lunch Money Now" is also available for online payment by debit or credit card.
While there remains an unpaid check and/or related fees, checks will not be accepted for payments for your student's meals.
Are sack lunches available for field trips?
Yes. Teachers may request sack lunches from the campus Manager for their students when planning a field trip. Since a sack lunch is in place of a regular lunch, it is charged to the child's meal account. Sack lunches contain a sandwich, fresh veggies and or fruit, and milk or juice. Sack lunches need to be ordered at least one week in advance in advance.
How can I monitor what my child is eating or spending?
Our district has partnered with a resource to provide WEB access to your student's lunch account. At "Lunch Money Now" you will be able to make prepayments to your student's account using your debit or credit card, schedule regular prepayments to insure your student always has meal funds, AND monitor their balance and their purchases.