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Substitute Teaching

Substituting with WISD
The on-line application is currently open on the Wimberley ISD website.  As the District nears the end of the school year, typically March, the on-line application for Substitutes will close.
The on-line application will re-open for the next school year in the month of mid-July.
Once you apply on-line you will receive an e-mail from the Human Resources Department on the next step in the process.
The first orientation will be held in the Month of September, with orientation being held monthly until the month of March for the current school year.
Please be sure to complete all personal information on the application; such as: date of birth, social security number, etc.
                   Degreed Rate  = $95.00/Daily Rate (Must be a 4-year degree)
                                   Long-term Sub = $105.00/(After 21 consecutive days in the same assignment, with the same teacher/employee you are covering)
                                   (This includes Certified Teachers)
                               Non-Degreed   = $75.00/Day
                                           Long-term Sub = $105.00/Day(After 21 consecutive days for the same assignment)
The long term sub rate of pay is after the 21st consecutive days.  You must work for the same employee during this long term assignment and not miss a day to receive the additional pay.  You cannot complete an assignment and begin a new assignment and get the 21 day consecutive increase in pay.
The District utilizes an automated system for the assignment of substitutes.  The system is the Aesop on-line system.  

Please direct all questions via e-mail to: 

Please click on the link below to be directed to the on-line application:

Be prepared to provide the following documents in conjunction with becoming a substitute at WISD.  These forms are provided below as attachments. A packet with all required forms will be provided at the time of orientation):

1) Original social security card (must provide to Human Resource representative to make a copy)
2) Original driver's license
3) Transcript if you hold a 4-year degree (in order to receive the degreed rate of pay).  Official transcript from university.
4) The pay for substitutes is $75.00/day for non-degreed and $95/day for degreed
5) Direct Deposit Form with a check with VOID written across the top
6) Mid-America Beneficiary form for the FICA alternative plan, individuals retired with TRS are exempt.
7) Be sure to indicate if you are retired with TRS
8) Fingerprinting is required with the passing of Senate Bill 9.  If you have been fingerprinted with another school district, please provide a copy of the fingerprint receipt or indicate you have been fingerprinted.
9) A photo will be taken for the district badge, immediately following orientation.

Orientation will be be scheduled and you will be notified via e-mail of the dates.

Incoming substitutes must attend orientation prior to subbing.  Correspondence will be forwarded to you regarding scheduling your orientation.

Your interest in Wimberley ISD is appreciated.