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News about ASATR


What is ASATR?

There are about 65 days left before the 85th Legislative Session will be officially underway.  Before January 2017, we must ensure that we educate legislators and legislative staff so that no one is left asking the question "what is ASATR?" That means we must work to ensure that members of our communities know the answer to that question as well as why it is so important.

To assist with spreading that message, please see the video produced by Lovejoy ISD that can be used in your community.

You can download the Promise of ASATR information sheet for use in your community as well.   

Editorial on ASATR

Earlier this week, Friends of Texas Public Schools published a guest editorial on ASATR written by Christy Rome. 

You can read that editorial via the link above.  If you would like some help with a similar piece for publication in your community, please let us know.  We are happy to help!

Community Contacts

If members of your community would like to contact their elected officials regarding this issue, you can share the following link with them so they can customize and send their own message:

A Promise is a Promise

Texas School Coalition
Sally Graham - sally@txsc.org
Richard Matkin - richard@txsc.org
http://www.txsc.org/ Source: Texas Schools Coalition