Athletics Annual Fee

  • The annual athletic fee is required for all students who participate in athletics. The athletic fee covers the cost of equipment, uniforms, event entry fees, and other necessities for the athletes to play their sport. As an incentive to the required fee, you are awarded one student all-sports pass per fee paid to help offset this expense. The student athletic pass will give the athlete entry into all home district sporting events for the current year. 

    To pay for the athletic fee and receive the all-sports pass please see below:  

    1. The fee for the first student is $100, plus an additional $50 per student up to $200. 
    2. If you have students at Wimberley High School and Danforth Junior High, please pay for their fees separately to be sure the correct school receives credit. 
    3. To receive the multiple athlete discount when you have students at WHS & DJH, purchase the WHS athletic fee for how many students you have there. Then, when you go to pay for your DJH student fee please use the discounts as necessary below.
      **Misuse of the discount codes below will deactivate your students' all sports pass**
      1. Code: SIBLING1 can be used when you have 1 student at DJH 
      2. Code: SIBLING2 can be used when you have 2 students at DJH
      3. Code: FAMILY4 can be used when you have 3 students at DJH
    4. All the passes will be emailed to the parent email address used to purchase the athletic fee. You can then screenshot and send it to your student or transfer the ticket to them using the Hometown Ticketing App. 

    Email questions to Addie at