• When my child is absent, what information do I need to put on their absence note?  Documentation needs to be submitted within 3 days of the absence. Note should include: Student’s full name, Date(s) of absence, Reason for absence, Parent contact phone number, Parent signature (or electronic signature if sent by email).

    You can email your note to erin.sivils@wimberley isd.net

    What do I need to check out a student?  Parent/Guardian is required to come into the office and check out the student(s) in person. Parent must present a valid state-issued identification card at the time of checkout. The person checking out the student must be listed in Skyward on the student’s pick-up list. They will need to provide a valid state-issued identification card. If a person not on the list is supposed to pick up the student, please send a written note stating the person’s full name as listed on their valid state-issued ID and giving us permission to release the student to them.  Please have your child drop it off in the office first thing in the morning. Students must check out through the attendance office to ensure proper code.

    Do I have to go into the school to sign my student in for the day?  No - a student can sign themselves in.  Just remember to send in a parent or doctor note stating the reason for the absence.  If there is no note, please come in to sign the sign in/out sheet and that will count as the note. Students must check in through the front office to ensure proper code.

    May I check out my student during testing days?  Students may not be checked out during a test administration without approval from a campus administrator.

    What is the difference between an absence and a tardy?  Students are absent if they are more than 20 minutes late to class.

    What is the difference between a D code and XD code for medical notes?  The D is a code given to students who attend school anytime during the same day that they go to a medical appointment.  The XD code is given to a student who does not attend school on the day they go to the medical appointment.

    Is my student absent if I check them out of school early?  At the secondary level, attendance is taken every period.  Your child will be marked absent for every period they miss if they leave early.

    Do I still have to send a note if I call in the morning of the absence?  Yes, TEA requires us to have something in writing before we can change the attendance code for a student’s absence.  The call notifies us, but a note is still required.

    Do I have to send a note when I know the absence is unexcused?  Yes, please send a note for every absence.  TEA requires us to have a reason for the absence in writing/email in order to properly code the absence.  We are required to monitor for truancy.  When a student has 3 or more unexcused/ unreported absences, we have to send letters home about truancy.  If we still are not receiving notes, we are required to implement an attendance plan. (Texas Education Code 25.092)

    Will my child make perfect attendance if they have a doctor note and attend part of the day?  No, in order to get perfect attendance the student must attend every class, every day unless it is a school related event.

    When does an absence become an extended absence and is there a special way to report it?  When you know in advance that your child will miss 3 or more days, an Extended Absence form must be filled out. This form is available in the front office and may be picked up by the student or parent. It must be completed by all participants and turned into the attendance secretary before the extended absence occurs.