• The section listed below is a sampling of District's policies and procedures as it relates to Accounts Payable.  To obtain complete documentation of financial guidelines, contact Randall Rau, WISD CFO.

    When Placing an Order Using a Purchase Orders
    • Determine what you need to order - get quotes, including shipping costs
    • Input a purchase order - your campus/department Secretary maybe in charge of this for your campus/department
    • You MUST have an approved purchase order BEFORE placing your order.  Always use a valid APPROVED purchase order when placing an order with an approved vendor.  Plaing an order WITHOUT a valid approved purchase order, will make you financially responsible for payment, including taxes.  A valid approved purchase order will have a signature on the bottom of "Randall Rau".
    • Purchase orders must be received online and original invoices received in the Accounts Payable Department in order to process payments.
    • Purchase orders for consultants should include the Consultant Agreement Form.  Employees should never pay Consultants out-of-pocket - all payments for services should be made by District check.
    • When registering for a workshop or conference, a purchase order may be used for the reservation.  The purchase order must include documentation for payment such as the conference registration or conformation email.
    Invoices and Payments
    • All invoices, with a referencing PO number, should be mailed to Accounts Payable at 951 FM 2325, Wimberley, TX 78676 or emailed to julia.osborn@wimberleyisd.net., the invoice should be forwarded to Accounts Payable with 3 business days. Holding invoices for any reason will delay payment to our vendors and could result in a poor or bad business relationship.
    • Invoices are sometimes sent with a shipment, emailed to the contact person or mailed directly to the campus/department, the invoice should be forwarded to Accounts Payable with 3 business days to insure prompt payment.
    • After your has been received, submit receiving documentation to Accounts Payable.  Receiving can also be done in the Skyward system, or send an email to julia.osborn@wimberleyisd.net letting me know that your order has been received and the invoice can be paid.
    • Original documentation is required for payment of purchase orders, p-card statements, travel claims and reimbursements.  Claims should be forwarded to Accounts Payable within 30 days.
    • The maximum out-of-pocket expense for a one-time purchase is $100.
    • Sales tax will be not be reimbursed.  You can use the WISD Tax Exempt form when making your purchases for school related items.
    • Claims for reimbursement from the budget must include the original itemized receipt.  Claims will be not be reimbursed when receipts have been lost.
    • When filing a claim for group business meals, list the number and names of attendees and purpose of the meal.  If the claim is for a staff meal, it is acceptable to just list "staff" and the number of attendees and the purpose of the meal.
    • Request for reimbursement are due to Accounts Payable within 60 days of expenditure.
    • State tax will NOT be reimbursed for a hotel stay.  Remember to take a Texas Hotel Tax Exempt form.
    • Using the Travel Expense Report Template, list the number of actual miles on the travel claim.  The mileage reimbursement rate will be the current standard rate allowed by the Texas Comptrollers of Public Accounts.
    • Travel claims will be processed in accordance with WISD policies and guidelines.  However, supervisors, local grants or federal grants have the discretion to limit travel reimbursements in order to meet budgetary restrictions.
    • Prior approval for reimbursement of travel and incidentals must be obtained before expenses are incurred.
    Per Diem
    • Per diem should be requested before travel has occurred and will be paid by check request and must include the Meals Per Diem Request Form.
    • Student per diem must be signed for by the students using the Student Per Diem Signature Sheet.  The Signature Sheets should be sent to Accounts Payable within 5 business days.
    • Sponsors, Coaches, Teachers and Staff must turn in ALL receipts and any remaining funds using the Travel Expense Report Template. Receipts and Expense Report should be sent to Accounts Payable within 5 business days.
    • Per Diem approval must be obtained by the supervisor and maybe limited to meet budgetary restrictions.
    • Employee meals, when an overnight stay has occurred, are reimbursed by Accounts Payable.
    • Employee meals, when no overnight stay has occurred, are reimbursed by Payroll.
    Please send all invoices, inquires and documentation to Julia Osborn at julia.osborn@wimberleyisd.net

    Accounts Payable Staff

    Julia Osborn
    512-847-2414, ext. 2015
    Fax: 512-847-2142